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JS Jades

J's Jades

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Laura's Raw Honey

I make and sell my own local honey with my 1200 hives of honeybees. I make several varieties of raw honey including clover, wildflower, buckwheat, raspberry blossom, cranberry blossom, orange blossom, whipped honey spread, and fermented honey garlic. I also sell beeswax i collect from the hives to make candles and lip balms.

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Soldier Solutions

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Loki & Layla Candle Company is a family-owned, artisan crafted Soy candle company located in Pottsville, PA.
Established in 2019, Loki & Layla Candle Company has quickly risen to one of Pennsylvania's well-known candle companies. Known for an amazing cold and hot scent throw, Loki & Layla Candle Company offers over 40 various scents ranging from baked goods to smoked goods, candy to novelty and everything in between.
$1 of each candle sold is donated to various charities to help aid in wildlife rehabilitation/conservation, veteran/first responder support, or dog/wolf shelter/sanctuaries.

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