We help homeowners get their home décor down to a fine art.
This open-market style area features vendors with antiques, homemade and finely crafted items, and original art.

Blacksmith Garden

Blacksmith's Garden

Blacksmith's Garden was established in 2011, serving the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas. Let your imagination create a special scene and atmosphere for your home or business, and we'll make it happen!

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collectible art and frames

Collectible Art & Frames

Now in our 19th year, Collectible Art Gallery has grown from a neighborhood art and framing shop to a more sophisticated and technology savvy organization. We have added the following services in response to our clients' present and future needs:

◾Custom framing                                                                         
◾Original art and prints
◾Canvas on demand
◾Corporate art consultation
◾Digital prints
◾Photo restoration
◾Custom promotional products

We are proud to thrive and remain a consistent provider of art and art services in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. Our art and framing graces the walls of corporate and government offices,  dorms, apartments and the homes of individuals and families.

2044 Chestnut St
Philadelphia PA 19103


Elegant Earmuffs

Elegant Ear Cuffs by Fiona

“ Ear Cuff earrings are worn as a comfortable alternative to pierced or clip-ons. I have created a glamorous selection of designs that beautifully accessorize either your special occasion or as an every day accessory.
The display includes sterling silver, 14K gold filled and polished copper designs, with coordinating necklaces and wrist bracelets/cuffs. The designs feature a variety of beads and elements that make each pair unique and still comfortable to wear. A protective coating prevents any tarnishing and skin sensitivity. If you have a request for custom work, I'd love to talk with you or contact me at Fiona@ElegantEarCuffs.com.

Visit www.elegantearcuffs.com for a slideshow of some additional designs on the Home Page.

Social Media:
Facebook  /elegantearcuffs
Instagram /elegantearcuffs
Blog /elegantearcuffs.blogspot.com
Twitter /elegantearcuffs "

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Unique designs

Unique designs and sayings hand drawn on thin sheets of copper, antiqued and either framed or mounted on wood, some include hooks for functionality. Custom Orders Welcomed! www.jackiestier.com 

Facebook: @jackiescopper
Instagram: @copper_jackie
Website: www.jackiestier.com

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JS Jades



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Olde Glory Cutting Boards

Olde Glory Cutting Boards

Helping our Finest, one block at a time! With each Cutting Board purchased, we will make a donation to our Military and first responders.

All our cutting boards are made with the highest quality materials consisting of Red Mahogany and Hard Maple. Each board is finished with Howard Cutting Board Oil as well as Howard Butcher Block Conditioner which are both food grade safe. 

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Willow Street Pictures

When a health scare prompted Darren Modricker to search out an artist for his own family portrait, he couldn’t find work that inspired him. This experience changed his life and turned his artistic vision toward building his own fine art portrait studio in Pennsylvania.Today Willow Street Pictures has grown into a highly sought after national studio known for capturing  the natural feel and genuine emotion of its two-legged and four-legged clients. Darren and his Creative Team are inspired each day by the human capacity to love one another, as well as the companion animals who add meaning to all of their lives.


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